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Strip binding has an aesthetically pleasing nature of the near instant binding styles. Strip Binding is one of our while-u-wait binding services. Strip Binding are inclusive of clear acetate or card covers, these can be on the front and back in any configuration. In addition, an alternative extra is printed card covers. The spine material is usually standard Black or White, but there are many other colours to choose from.

Strip bound documents can enhance the look and appeal of standard printed-paper documents. Strip bind allows the Presentation document to have that extra flare, this style may give you the edge to turn a good document into a exceptionally pleasing and noticed booklet. Further professionality and style can be added by personalising your books with our hot foiling or embossing options, available in a variety of colours and fonts, to learn more just visit our Hot Foil Printing page, or check the "Foil Printing on Book Cover" section when filling out the form below. Students, Universities, Colleges and Professionals have all used Strip Binding style to their advantage.

Strip binding has a maximum capacity of 18mm (1.8cm). There are also some limitations of the types and weights of paper that are suitable. However, if your document is unable to use Strip Binding, then we are able to offer a different document binding with a similar appearance or other styles of book binding.

Preparing your files

We work exclusively with PDF files. You can convert your documents to PDFs using your own PDF converter either online or as a print driver on your own computer. When converting to PDF, please maintain the highest resolution and make sure your fonts are embedded.

Available in any sizes
Wire binding is available in A4, A5, A6, book sizes or in-between sizes in either portrait or landscape orientation.

Wire Binding can be regarded as a common bookbinding style, but we at Kristal use the same skill and dedication as our other bound volumes.

Production Time

  • Express 1 Hour Service

  • Premium 3 Hour Service

  • Standard 24 Hour Service

Paper Stock

  • 120 gsm

  • 160 gsm

  • 200 gsm

  • 300 gsm

  • 140 gsm Silk

  • 170 gsm Gloss

  • 250 gsm Gloss

  • 140 gsm Cartridge

  • 160 gsm Cartridge

  • 220 gsm Cartridge

Speciality Paper Stock​​

  • Acetate

  • Tracing Paper

  • Translucent Paper

Binding Strip Colours​​

  • Black

  • White

  • Red

  • Blue

  • Yellow

  • Brown

  • Grey

Additional Personalisation

  • Foil Printing & Embossing

  • Laser Etching

SC - Strip Binding
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