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Secure ID Photo Code

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At Kristal we will ensure that the photos taken for your passport, visa applications or driving licence meet all the correct regulations, regardless of which country that they may be required for. Our staff have all the knowledge and skills, you can trust that they will provide expert advise and that the quality of your photos will always be of the highest standard. Additionally, knowing that it conforms to the regulations introduced by the UK Passport Service (UKPS) and other international countries.

This guarantees that the photos are suitable for the new biometrically enabled passports, which are now issued as standard and in wide circulation these days.

UK Digital Passport photo requirements – Print & Digital Copies

With the introduction of an online application for a British Passport, that need to send off your application form with current copies of your photos by post are over. We have invested in the latest software approved by the HM Passport Office, which allows us to generate a unique code, linking the approved digital photo we have taken, with your online passport application. This photo is compliant with ICAO (The International Civil Aviation Organization) and the Passport Office, giving you peace of mind that the photos are sized correctly and conform to the strict guidelines and regulations required for your application.

Whether you need your passport photos printed or in digital format we can help you.  For British passports your photos must be 45mm high by 35mm wide and we can save them onto a USB or email them to you.

The passport photos regulations for children over six are the same for adults with the exception that the head size can be between 21mm and 34mm. Please note: you cannot use photos that have been cut down from larger pictures.

In addition to the standard printed passport photos, the need and demand for digital copies is on the rise. We at Kristal can provide your photos in a digital file format, which can be saved onto a USB memory stick or emailed to you. These can then be used for various other requirements such as travel cards, club memberships, universities and schools, blue badge schemes and many more…

Just remember, there is no need to make an appointment!

Click on the button above to call our Kingston Store and chat with one of our staff members, who would be more than happy to help you.

  •     Photos for babies as young as 5 days old can be accommodated

  •     Printed on Fuji Crystal Archive photo paper

  •     Vibrant colours and sharp definition

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