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  • What happens if I get warning triangles with the 'low quality message'?
    Most images will reproduce fine in the printed product. If you're using images from a mobile phone or a low megapixel digital camera then the finished print quality will only be as good as the image provided. Please ensure to check this before proceeding.
  • I have fast DSL, why does it take a while to upload my pictures?"
    Most DSL connections have much faster download then upload speeds. Pages and content load so quickly, but uploads take that little while longer. Uploads can also be slightly slower during peak periods of internet use.
  • My upload was interrupted unexpectedly. Has the order gone through?
    If your upload failed and you have not yet entered your payment details then your order will not have gone through. Please retry to upload your images again and continue with the order process. If you have further questions on this topic, please contact us by email.
  • Can I create a print order containing different sized prints?
    Yes, When you are putting together a prints order on our site you can individually select sizes for each image.
  • Can I order Prints and have them sent direct to my client?
    We can definitely have your order delivered directly to your client. We will not include any paperwork in the shipment. Kindly let us know of this in the ‘Additional Information’ section when placing your order.
  • Can I still cancel my order?
    Once you submitted your order it cannot be cancelled, the reason being that all of our production processes are automated.
  • What paper do you print on for photographic images?
    We use high quality Fuji Crystal Archive paper for prints that go through our Noritsu wetlab. This paper is tailored perfectly for digital images and guarantees excellent results every time.
  • What profile should I assign for photographic prints?
    Ideally you should assign Adobe RGB as a colour profile but if not then sRGB is very close.
  • What dpi should I use?
    300dpi is the standard as a jpeg.
  • Why do my prints look different to what I see on my screen?
    An image that looks great on your computer screen should look equally wonderful in print. If you're finding this isn't the case it could be down to the colour calibration of your monitor. This can cause overly bright or dark prints, or unrealistic colours compared to your original. Even if you're not aware of this, properly calibrating your monitor is still a good way of ensuring impressive results.
  • How many megapixels are required for 4x6", 5x7" and 8x10" prints or larger?"
    For high quality prints, the camera should have the following megapixels (MP):- 4x6" prints require at least 1.1 MP- 5x7" prints require at least 1.5 MP- 8x10" prints require at least 3.9 MPIf you will be doing significant cropping of the photos (digital zooming), more megapixels will be required to make up for discarded pixels. Because poster size prints are generally viewed from an arm's length or farther, less pixels per inch (ppi) are required to produce a quality image. For good quality posters, 300ppi is recommended. At this resolution, the camera should have the following megapixels (MP):- 11x14" prints require at least 4.1 MP- 16x24" prints require at least 9.7 MP- 20x30" prints require at least 15.1 MP
  • What file format can I send?
    Generally jpeg is the standard format. As a rule please send JPEGS.
  • What is the biggest file I can send you?
    We can deal with any size of file but the bigger the files the slower the upload time would be.
  • Do the prints have any cut off if I am adding text very close to the edges?
    Yes all machines do crop about 2-4mm so please make sure you allow for this when sizing your files.
  • What do you charge for delivery?
    You can find information about delivery costs when you place your order. As there are various services that you can select, these will be shown at the time of checkout. If you have further questions on this topic, please contact us by email.
  • Further Information?
    If you have any further questions that may have not been answered or would like to make a suggestion or comment, please click on 'Contact us' at the bottom of this page and complete the form and we will get back to you shortly.
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