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Everybody has old photos and slides piled away somewhere collecting dust and fading as the years pass! Before they are gone forever, why not safeguard your precious family memories by getting them digitised. Our team of experts will scan your photos allowing you to create new prints, photo books, or even canvases from the digital scans. which can even be shared with family member and friends around the world.

We will clean all slides using a dust blower to remove all loose dust and debris prior to scanning. Please ensure all slides are free from any glue, blutac or other form of obstruction.

Turn Around Time​​
  • 24 Hour Service

  • 3 to 5 Working Days

Scan Resolution​​
  • Standard Res

  • Medium Res

  • High Res

  • Tiff File

  • Optional DVD Slideshow

Slide Formats
  • 35mm Slide

  • 126 Format Slide

  • 127 Format Slide

  • Super 35mm Slide

  • Half Size 35mm Slide

  • Medium Format Slide

  • 110 Format Slide

  • Mini 110 Format Slide

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