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Mounting is the process of using an adhesive to fix your printed image or artwork to a base, such as card, foam board or acrylic to create a finished display product from your photographs, signs or posters.

Laminating is the process of bonding a thin transparent plastic film to any visual material. This offers vital properties to printed images, including special barriers, coating, tear resistance, and protection from moisture and abrasion. Therefore images are protected and more durable. The way you finish and present your photography is of paramount importance and high quality presentation of your photography is key to achieving customer satisfaction.

We offer many different substrates on which to mount your images and a comprehensive range of laminates and finishes to set you above the competition. The materials we use for mounting your photographs are of the highest quality and include acid free card, foam board and foamex. We also use MDF, aluminium and acrylic in some of our products.

The laminates range from a simple satin finish to a punchy high gloss for makeover portraits, weddings and promotional exhibitions.

Turn Around Time​​
  • 24 Hours Service

  • 2 to 3 Working Days

Panel Types
  • 3mm Foamex

  • 5mm Foamex

  • 2mm Display Board

  • 5mm Acrylic

  • 10mm Acrylic

  • 15mm Acrylic

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