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Our high-quality large format posters can be used for a variety of needs like presentations, wall displays, outdoor announcements, or personal use. Since we print our posters in high resolution, they can even be used by artists and designers to display their work in exhibitions and galleries.


When it comes to poster printing, not everyone is going to have the same needs. Some students may need dozens of small posters for outdoor displays whereas others may need an impressively large poster for an indoor presentation. We can help regardless of what your poster printing requirements are. All our posters are printed in stunning hi-res clarity so they will look great viewed from up close or at a distance.

Students can choose from a huge range of sizes and paper types for their posters, as well as the option to produce posters to your own custom size. We not only print on standard papers, we also have a range of speciality paper such as tracing, clear acetate, cartridge papers and fine art giclee papers.

Preparing your files

We work with the following file types: JPG, TIFF and PDFs. You can convert your files to PDFs using your own PDF converter either online or as a print driver on your own computer. When converting to PDF, please maintain the "highest resolution" and make sure your fonts are embedded.


Available in any sizes
Our poster prints are available in any sizes ranging from A2 right upto A0 or any in-between sizes.

Production Time

  • Same Day Service

  • Next Day Service

Paper Finishes

  • Standard Matt 180gsm

  • Photo Satin 200gsm

  • Photo Gloss 240gsm

  • Photo Lustre 310gsm

  • Metallic Paper 280gsm

  • Tracing Paper 112gsm

  • Acetate

Sizes Available​​

  • Any Size upto A0

SC-Poster Printing
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