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Photographic Restoration is the art of restoring damaged photographs to their original condition without ruining your original print. Photographs form part of our treasured memories but with time photographic images can fade from sunlight, suffer water damage, collect fingerprints, suffer fire damage or collect creasing.Using the latest software we can create a high quality re-mastered copy of your original without damaging the original print. Kristal Digital can restore and brighten your treasured photos so you can enjoy them for even longer and display them with pride. Come instore and ask to see some of the work we have carried out in the past.

  • Red-Eye removal

  • Colour correction

  • Appearance improvement

  • Crack / Crease repair

  • Missing areas replacement

  • Remove unwanted objects or person

  • Whatever you require from your photo. We can do it!

Production Time
  • 5 to 7 Working Days

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