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We provide professional large format scanning services for students at a low cost. Our bureau features top of the range scanners and printers, which can produce more space-efficient electronic versions of your large diagrams, plans and drawings in either mono or colour. Our scanners will capture documents up to A0 in width, but can cope with long drawings, up to approximately 5 metres in length. We often capture wide format images, with long lengths. Our highly skilled staff at Kristal can work wonders with most image sizes, including panoramic prints and fabrics and can also clean up your images for you. The scanners can capture vellum paper, transparency, fabric, including mounted prints upto 20mm thick or any other types of drawing paper.

We can also print or photocopy your large format documents for your own use. This can allow you to sketch amendments on to your file without needing to damage the original document, or produce several copies of an original plan. So if your huge mountain of drawings are beginning to overwhelm your project, or if you just need multiple copies of your wide format documents. Kindly call us 020 8439 7898 and a staff memeber will be more then happy to help with any further queries you may have.

Why Choose Us?

  • Quality Checking: Our drawing scanning comes with a 200% quality checking promise.  All scanned images are checked twice by our dedicated team.

  • We've invested in the latest document scanning technology and have a team of trained scanning staff.  We can scan bulk quantities of documents quickly and to a very high quality.

What size drawings and large format documents can we scan?

We can scan architectural drawings, maps, utility plans and documents, construction drawings on a daily basis. The scanners can capture feint pencil marks and clean up areas on drawings, providing an exceptional quality digital image. To us large format is bigger than A3. A0, A1, A2 are the most common drawings we come across every day, however weíve scanned wide format drawings for students and architectural firms. Our team can export your drawings into any required image format and can also help clean up your images for you. Drawings often arrive at our store in rolls or folded in plastic poly pockets. The majority of drawings captured are colour, but our scanners can capture both colour and mono images.

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