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B&W Film D&P.webp

As we already process standard colour film, we see no reason not to process black and white film, despite the gradual decline in film. We offer 5 days service on both 35mm & 120 Roll film process and print, without compromising on quality. This has proved to be a very popular service with our clients, and is a service which is constantly growing in numbers. As most users will tell you ñ there is just no substitute for black and white prints!

Turn Around Time​​
  • 5 to 7 Working Days

Print Finishes
  • Gloss

  • Lustre

Print Sizes
  • 6" x 4" upto 12" x 18"

Scan Resolution
  • Standard Res

  • Medium Res

  • High Res

  • Tiff Files

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