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We are proud and very excited to announce Kristal Digitalís new Laser cutting and engraving service. With this latest investment a whole new dimension to print is open to our clients existing and new!

Let your imagination and creativity run wild and allow us to turn it into reality...

At Kristal we are ready to work with students, individuals and corporates alike. We have a long background in printing, and with this new added service we are certain that the same level of quality and service will be applied by our highly skilled staff, to bring your project to life ensuring that all of our clients are completely satisfied with their finished product or design. We can cut and engrave into a wide variety of materials as listed below, however if there is something that is not listed below, kindly call us.

  •     Wood

  •     Acrylic

  •     Fabric

  •     Glass

  •     Coated Metals

  •     Ceramic

  •     Delrin

  •     Cloth

  •     Leather

  •     Marble

  •     Matte Board

  •     Melamine

  •     Paper

  •     Mylar

  •     Pressboard

  •     Rubber

  •     Wood Veneer

  •     Fiberglass

  •     Painted Metals

  •     Tile

  •     Plastic

  •     Cork

  •     Corian

  •     Anodized Aluminum

  •     Stainless Steel

  •     Brass

  •     Titanium

  •     Bare Metals

What we can't cut:

METAL  -  We use CO2 laser cutters which are not able to cut through metal.
VINYL   -  We can't cut any form of vinyl unless it is eco vinyl and does not contain any Chlorine.
PVC      -  We can't cut PVC

Preparing your files

For cutting and scoring we work with the following file types: Corel Draw CDR, but other commonly used file formats for cutting commands are Abode Illustrator AI and AutoCAD DXF. Other file formats can only be used for raster engraving such as bmp, jpg, png and tiff files.  When creating your files please maintain the "highest resolution" and make sure your fonts are embedded.

Colour Mapping Values

For cutting, scoring and engraving values are listed below along with the RGB values.

Laser Engraving
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