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3D Photo Engraving is a brand-new product introduced at Kristal.


Our 3D photo crystals are made with your very own digital photos taken on your camera or even your phone! A short personal message can also be added to compliment the engraved photo. We use the very best state of the art subsurface laser technology to physically burn the image within the crystal block, the result, a piece of art captured inside the crystal forever. There is no other gift quite like it!

With a diverse selection of crystal shapes and sizes we have no doubt you will be able to find the ideal crystal shape for your unique occasion. If you would like to have your photo captured into a crystal, kindly fill in the form, and upload your photo. Once we receive your image file, one of our team members will assess your photo and if there are any issues we will contact you by phone or email.

Production Time
  • 5 Working Days

  • Premium Crystal

Sizes Available
  • Many Shapes & Sizes Available Please See Price List

3D Crystal Block
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